Sunday, 25 January 2015

Red and White and Snow all over.  Barr Construction always lines up their excavators at the end of the day:

Meanwhile, back home the snow was filling the crevices of my sister's Toyota:

Saturday, 17 January 2015

 All our engines are going to end up like this, but hopefully after we're finished with them.  This yacht engine I found washed up in Friars' Bay, on St. Martin.  When an engine block gets "washed up" on the shore, one has to think of the waves that did it.  There was a scattering of shredded sailboat parts around, someone's pride and joy once.

This is what the weather was like at Toronto Pearson International when we left for the St. Martin.  Luckily we were early for the deicing lineup!  Six hours later we were in shorts by the pool- what's not amazing about modern travel?

It's not all balmy breezes down there, though.  Hurricanes come through.  One drove this ship on the shoals a few years ago.  A more recent one put another cargo ship on a nearby beach.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Caribbean holiday...  A quick week in Sint Maarten/St. Martin to visit my inlaws, who work there.  Mostly the usual heat and sun, but a couple of good showers for relief, at least one cloudy and drizzly afternoon, very quiet and still on Cupecoy Beach:

Frigate birds are my wife's favourite, and they are wonderfully angular, yet still very graceful:

Walking our dogs often takes me out onto the field between Sunny Acres Rd and the Invista and Dupont complex.  Children like to climb in this tree, but it was empty this time:

Behind the Home Depot there's a huge transformer station; I see something new there every time I drive by.