Wednesday, 30 July 2014

 Big green barge, resting quietly at the decaying docks in Elevator Bay.  People my age may well remember the grain elevators that stood where the apartment blocks are now, and the lakers that used to moor there.

It's been tied up for some time now, the mooring lines beginning to fray.  I don't fancy being the one who has to undo this mess!

Inside the outer walls of Kingston Pen there are still a few sheds and such, waiting for their next job:

While waiting for my sons to have a swimming lesson with some friends I discovered the most extraordinary green space sandwiched between Taylor Kidd Blvd and Braeside Crescent.  Even after a dry spell it was very lush and green, and magically quiet.  It's the type of space that England does well; it was a treat to find it:

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Thinking of Ben

More horses at work (I mean where I work, although eating is work for horses).  Good days out in the paddocks, although the grass is a little sparse, it having been so dry.  Also, the flies are getting bad, gotta shake 'em off, like Navy:


Horses, by virtue of their size, make the very close access they grant us to their bodies very evident. That access can be denied very suddenly in spectacular fashion if you don't respect them. Their tremendous strength is contained inside a very thin and very soft skin, like the skin on your shins.

Nate's Legs

 Now you've seen Nate's legs, here are his mug shots:


Friday, 11 July 2014

A sunny day, the hard bright sun of a high pressure system, no breeze to keep the flies away, grass eaten down, waiting for evening grain, another day done: