Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Evening book run to the downtown branch of the library, one of my long-time favourite places in Kingston.  I remember when it was around the corner, at the corner of  Brock and Wellington streets.  The kids' section had several large bell jars with stuffed birds; I have always wondered where they went.  Every now and then as I look for books for my children, I come across a book I read as a child.  Often they don't look any older at all.  This "new" building is very elegant, although someone could write a term paper on the current mislabelling of the front doors.

This winter would have been a lot easier at work if we'd had the foresight to make sure this old snowblower was working before the snow came.  By the time we found that the PTOs didn't match up it was too late; solid mounds of snow were encroaching from all sides.  At least a family of mice made use of the toolbox for the season!

Near our house on Pt Pleasant they are expanding the water treatment plant, using a couple of these site dump trucks:

And across the road this corn has finally been harvested.  Our boys keep asking asking why it was left standing, but my agricultural knowledge doesn't extend that far.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Night run for toothpaste and razor blades.  A couple of warm days have reminded us of easier days to come.

While tobogganing behind the Psych Hospital, I looked out across the water.  In summer the lake is always changing, so it's a continual surprise to have it locked under something so silent and still.

Even as spring approaches we still keep getting snow!

At Rotary park the willows by the water are enduring cold and dog pee while winter trudges on: