Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Well, it wasn't the legendary icestorm of '94, which I was apparently the only person in Kingston to miss, but it has been a spell of pretty dirty weather.  But we didn't lose power like a lot of others, and, in the end, it didn't really affect us all that much.  But the landscape certainly looks different.  I took my camera out in the back yard:

At work everything was covered in ice as well.  Hard to remember the hot, hazy days of summer horse shows!

The horses finally got out for a few hours.  They were pretty happy to be out of their stalls, even if the thick crust put a damper on their hijinks.  Here's Junior, wondering why I've stopped the tractor:


Sunday, 22 December 2013

On Sunny Acres Road the water treatment plant is being enlarged.  A lot of the site is fenced off, but there is still some access.  I found this bucket in the snow, and a rock drill resting nearby.

At work the horses who live outside seem pretty happy, althought the freezing rain was too much, and they all crammed into the barns for a couple days until things got easier.  Here's Ben, a big friendly fellow, in the snow:

Thursday, 19 December 2013

A few weeks ago at Lemoine Point:

But much of the ground now looks like it does here at work.  This is the west side of the haybarn, with the indoor arena right behind it:

A few weeks ago at my sons' school, a fence I've been looking at almost every day while waiting for them to come out after class:

Saturday, 7 December 2013

It feels as if there's been a pause.  After that first dramatic and beautiful snowstorm the temperature had gradually crept a little higher, and the grey skies didn't drop anything more.  At Little Cataraqui there was still snow on the ground when we walked there on Friday, and the chickadees were hungry.

 At work I see this line of trees every time I get the tractor out of the hay barn, and every day they look a little different.  This snow's melted now, I'm just hoping the mud doesn't thaw until the spring.  We had enough of that already, thank you.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Snowy panorama, last Wednesday morning.  Winter isn't always easy to work in, but I'm always glad to be working outside, and mornings like this are just icing on the cake.

This was the view from my office window on Wednesday morning, where I work at Gladstone Farm.  A grand morning to be working outside; who doesn't like to plow snow with a tractor?

Down in the paddock Ben(left) and Buddy(right) having breakfast.  In my experience every stable has a horse called Buddy, and he's always the oldest horse in the barn!

Of course all that hay goes somewhere, mostly into the manure pile, which can get pretty warm and steamy waiting to be removed!  If I remember correctly, the writer Katherine Mansfield lived above a stables while staying with Gurdjieff at Fontainebleau because it used to be thought that the manure vapors were good for tuberculosis.  It didn't help her, but it seems I'm unlikely to get it!