Monday, 11 June 2012

Woke up early one morning, and walked through the wet fields beside Sunny Acres Road to the bay behind the Invista plant.  The bay gets a bit stagnant at the height of summer, but it's a nice area none-the-less. There are some huge Willow trees at the waters edge:

From the fields there's an interesting view of the water purification plant.  It's a very bunker-like building that doesn't yield any clue about its function.  It performs an extremely vital task with little margin for error very quietly and uneventfully:

In that area Patterson Park is a lesser known jewel in Kingston's collections of parks.  It has a beautiful copse, with one of my favourite benches.

Here's what it looks out onto, Lake Ontario, from a slight elevation that makes the distant horizon seem even wider:

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A CF-100 out to pasture on the grounds of the Royal Military College.  A Cold War era interceptor.  Older military aircraft (and some newer ones like the F-16) frequently have startlingly organic shapes.  Imagine the air flowing along the metal at several hundred kilometers per hour and around -40 degrees Celsius. The aluminum panels, often hand-shaped and fitted, are examples of high craftmanship:


Trailing edge at the wing root:

The opposite wing root, flap drooping a little:

 Access panels.  You can find a large variety of cunning latches on aircraft.  They have to be easy to open  but fold flush out of the airstream, and of course never open in flight.